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Diaper Bag Pink

IDR 298.000,00
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This bag mixes form and function. Sporty look and urban style will be mom’s feature with this type of bag. The roomy pockets are still its biggest temptation to steal mom’s heart.

Color : Pink
Size : 36*15*38 cm
Material: Nylon 200D
Type : Travel bag, Sling messenger bag, Bag pack
Include :
1. Free Milk Bottle (coated by aluminum foil insulators to keep milk bottle warm for 1-2 hours)
2. Free diaper changing pad
3. Free PVC bag for trash or wet items
4. Free cute doll accessories

It can be the hottest gift for daddy as well, for going outside with his little one is now really fun! The zippered compartment protect baby’s personal item, while the other pocket is good for milk bottle because of its easy access.

Harga: IDR 298.000,00

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